How long does SEO Take to Work

SEO timescales are something that I get asked about very frequently. I give my honest answer to all clients and this article explains some of the reasons for such. Also, I give an insight into certain clients simply do not understand the process of organic SEO, rankings and the long term benefits it can bring to their business. And from the client side I suggest aspects that you should give your current SEO before taking further action.

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Wow, I’ve fallen off the World Wide Web sphere of Google!

Here is a summary of the current search engine result positions within Google for this very site. There have been many changes along the way. Hosting issues, downtime, site design issues, lack of content and so on. Read my full update about the SEO Hello website in 2015 here.

Why Link Building Matters

Why link building matters. Link building is arguably the most important ranking factor within Google. That being said, the type, relevance, content and so on make a huge difference. Read on to find out about link building misconceptions and important aspects that make links better than others.

On Page Optimisation

Although written in 2011, many of this is still relevant in 2017. Let’s face it, the Google algorithm cannot change that drastically otherwise the entire results will be totally different. Title tags are still on of the most important on-site factors which I go into more detail here. Next, meta description is also another important factor and must be implemented. One the most overlook and that is the actual content on the page. Read more about on-site factors in this blog post.