Getting Pages Indexed

It can be argued that the amount of indexed pages in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can be used as an indicator as to the visibility and importance of a site.  Also, if your pages haven’t been indexed, then nobody can find them either!

Are your web pages indexed in Google

Check to see if all of your website pages are included in the search engines.

Determine indexation

In order to have all the pages on your website indexed in the search engines, then some search engine optimisation (SEO) needs to be carried out.  Basic things like unique meta tags, mainly the title and description.  Then the actual page content should be unique too.  A good tool to use is the Copyscape plagiarism checker, which is free and will show you exactly what parts of text has been copied.

Another good tip is to link internally with varied anchor text links from different pages within your website.  Not only will this boost the page you are ranking to, but also help with indexing.

How to find out what pages are indexed?

Thankfully, another free tool I guess you could call it.  All you need to do is type in site followed by a colon and then your site’s address into most search engines.  For example, to check this site, SEO Hello, you would enter ‘site:’ into Google and that will show you all of the indexed pages.

Why should we bother about indexing?

If you publish content on your website, you want to make sure Google and the other major search engines are picking it up otherwise nobody will be able to find it through searching.  Unique, indexed and content rich pages will help give your website authority in the eyes of Google and will usually help outrank other sites.  Look at some of the big articles sites out there just now that only accept unique content; you will see that they normally rank quite highly.

The best method to get your website indexed

Sitemaps: Within your Google Webmaster Tools or Bing accounts, there is an option to upload a sitemap, I would suggest carrying this out and also internally linking you website pages to the xml or html sitemap.

Internal Links: The more, the better.  Vary the anchor text for a better link profile. Also, refer to one of my previous posts regarding on page optimisation techniques.

External Links: Links from related pages from other sites will help rank your page highly.

Getting Pages Indexed
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