SEO Fife

Don’t be fooled by these exact match domains (EMD) that you may have come across whilst searching Google for terms such as ‘SEO Fife’, ‘Fife SEO’ and so on. Is your website domain one of these exact match domains? If so, then great, it will be much easier to rank for those keywords, but are they the most valuable keywords in terms of traffic?Also, let’s face it, most of our businesses will not be exact match domain names for our most searched keywords and that is where we come in at SEOHello.

I will step you through the process of researching the industry you are in, showing you the most searched keywords (what you and your customers type into Google) and typically the most valuable. Next, we’ll look at the competition and see what it will take the beat them. I will audit your website and compare it with the best keywords and the competition to give an accurate timeframe in order to get your website where it deserves to be.