Wedding Photography Aberdeen

wedding photography aberdeen

Hello and welcome, I’m Aryan – a documentary style Aberdeen Wedding Photographer and Videographer. I’m one of the few photographers that offer an all-inclusive wedding photography and videography package. Save the hassle of having to go through two different suppliers, invoices and contracts.

I’ve made this page especially for Aberdeen surroundings areas but feel free to look through my wedding photography and videography gallery to see recent wedding photos and videos.

My style is mainly natural and documentary, specialising in capturing candids as well as traditional group photos with the wedding party. Weddings are deeply personal and every couple is different – so is every wedding! Whether you’re having your wedding in Aberdeen or in a beautiful Scottish castle just outside Aberdeen, I can accommodate that. With every wedding, I plan the shots in advance to maximise efficiency and let you enjoy your day as much as possible whilst still have beautiful photographs taken.

Aberdeen has so many stunning wedding venues offering countless opportunities for wedding photography. With so many wonderful castles and churches around Aberdeen, this city offers the some of the best spots to capture beautiful wedding photos in Scotland.

Would you like to find out more about my style and approach on your day? Please download and look through my wedding brochure where you will also find specific details about individual packages.

A little about myself and how I got into wedding photography

I began my photography journey at the tender age of 14. Having worked my way up by photographing a range of things from events to weddings, personal portraits and special occasions. I love using my camera to tell a visual story! For me, photography is not about just capturing the moments but doing this in a creative way.

As you can imagine, I love creating visually stunning content especially at weddings, where every moment is emotionally charged. Wedding photography is very personal, and I aim to capture not only the main moments but also the best moments which often go unnoticed. Depending on the wedding and number of guests, I may have one or two assistants to ensure no moment goes unnoticed! My assistants and I will work simultaneously to capture all aspects of your wedding in a unique way so that I can give you real-life and unforgettable memories of your special day.

Living and Working in Scotland as a Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Scotland offers some of the best scenery in the UK and there are many stunning wedding venues in Scotland that can make your special day truly unforgettable. I’ve always been a natural observer and I’m especially interested in capturing the special kind of energy that exists between two people in love.

As a wedding photographer and videographer, I find it fascinating, challenging and extremely satisfying to create photos and videos that ‘speak’ to you as they tell the story of your day – in an honest and tasteful way. Every wedding is an emotional rollercoaster ride, from the excitement of getting ready in the morning to the moment you walk down the aisle, the emotional highlights of the vows, the hilarious moments of the speeches and the wild party energy on the dance floor. At every wedding, I like to be close to the action without ever drawing attention to myself. This allows me to capture natural photographs and freeze the emotions within a frame.

Wedding Photography and Videography in Aberdeen

Every year, thousands of couples choose Aberdeen as their city of love for their wedding. Aberdeen is the third-largest city in Scotland and is full of charm, history, amazing architecture and green spaces, as well as outstanding wedding venues. This makes Aberdeen one of the most photogenic cities in the world and one of my favourite cities for weddings.

Wedding Photography Aberdeen

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